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Our Services

We offer on-screen advertising at theaters in Texas.  Each screen averages up to 2000+ viewers each week. The local 10 screen theater can see over 20,000 people come through the doors weekly. Studies show that 80% of the audience are adults with disposable income. Most importantly, they live, work and shop within minutes of the theater they are sitting in when they see your ad!


At each theater your ad is displayed on screen for 15 seconds at a time, a minimum of 3 times before each movie begins.  In just one 15-18 minute period a viewer can get as much exposure to your business as if they had just seen 3 of your billboards or 3 of your online ads.  In a world where repetition often equals marketing success, it is nice to know that 40% of the United States buying population is going to the movies at least once every month and seeing your ad up to 3 times with every theater visit!  To get rates and check availability please email us or call 800-524-6362.

In addition to placing your ad at your local movie theater we can create your ad for you.  We work with you to determine your needs and what type of ad you want.  Options and prices vary, your ad can be as detailed as you need.  We offer services for still image ads, animated ads, video ads as well as audio voice overs.  All services will be formatted to the specifications your local theater requires.  


Please email us or call 800-524-6362 to receive a quote that is specific for your needs.

Do you have a movie theater program or other advertising medium and need content for your display?  We offer content creation tailored to your business.  Whether it is movie trivia or facts, we can help your target audience stay engaged with vibrant and interesting programming provided to you at regular weekly, monthly or quarterly intervals to help keep your content fresh, engaging and up to date!


Please email us or call 800-524-6362 to discuss options for your business!

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